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Spark Detection


Spark Detection Systems save lives!

Spark detection and extinguishing systems are one of the key hazard monitoring tools and engineering controls we use in safety system design to help protect the process industries from combustible dust fires and explosions.

These spark and ember detection systems are used to detect sparks and hot particles in the incipient stage, and then extinguishment, or other measures help eliminate the sparks or embers from the process, thus mitigating the fire.

Spark detection and extinguishing systems are typically located in the mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems, as well as the dust collection systems throughout the manufacturing facility.

These systems are flexible, can incorporate many types of detectors and counter measures throughout the process. Spark detection systems are custom designed based on your particular process.


Spark Detection


Various types of spark, ember, hot particle, black body, and flame detectors are available throughout the Infrared and UV ranges depending on the application.


Spark Detection


Spark detection systems are primarily used as a fire prevention method in mechanical conveyors, dust collectors, and pneumatic conveying systems by detecting and extinguishing sparks and embers. When working materials, sparks are created very quickly. A dull tool, a damaged fan bearing, an over heated motor, or a foreign object within the material can be the cause. This is a constant danger for all facilities where combustible materials are being worked, machined, milled, ground, sanded, dried, heated, exhausted, transported, and filtered.

The damage statistics provided by insurance companies point out that filters, dust collection bins, silos and even complete production lines are the areas at greatest risk. Foreign objects in the conveyed material, defective parts of production machinery, friction processes as well as electric sparks are all identified as ignition and fire generating.


Spark Detection


Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems can fairly simple, designed to detect and extinguish sparks - without affecting production.  Or they can be as sophisticated as needed, programmed to use many types of detectors, and interlock many types of alarms, show alarms on plant diagrams, and even communicate with plant information systems.

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